Seminar News

Seminar News

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This last weekend Diana Sullivan was the demonstrator at our Machine Knit Club sponsored seminar. We were all looking forward to it with great anticipation and I must say she did not disappoint! What fun to share in a day with like-minded folks โ€“ there is nothing like a room full of knitters! A good part of that fun was meeting Diana (and her husband, John) in person after having followed her teaching on-line since I began machine knitting. She has been a major teacher and a huge influence on me as I not only follow her posts on her blog, but watch the You Tube videos she has produced. She seemed โ€œlarger than lifeโ€ in my mind and she is definitely a wonderful teacher. But it was so encouraging to watch a down-to-earth machine knitter using equipment that does not always cooperate perfectly and handle it with grace and ease and move on. We all have knitting days like that and that fact alone was a great teaching moment for all of us – besides all the wonderful knitting information we were receiving. God has gifted her uniquely for teaching this craft all over the world through the many ways her instruction is dispersed and she is quick to give Him credit. But my greatest joy of the day was meeting fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and having the great privilege of praying with and for Diana and John, for the day ahead. I would encourage you all to follow her blog at , purchase her books and videos at or watch her video playlists at if you would like to learn the basics or move your machine knitting to the next level! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Seminar News

  1. From her videos alone, one can clearly see how gifted Diana is with machine knitting. I hope that someday she will present a workshop in the Maryland area. It was nice to hear about her faith and her husband’s support. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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