Super Simple Child’s Sweater

Super Simple Child’s Sweater


I have written a simple child’s pullover pattern in several sizes. It has dropped shoulders and a rolled neckline – thus it is super simple. Check out the pattern above the blog title. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Super Simple Child’s Sweater

  1. I love how your patterns are so simple to follow but don’t have such a simple look to them. They are always great items and your directions so clear and easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you


  2. Hi ann,can you be so kind to give me some charity patterns, i remember you, u and ravelry or maybe it was kp. I feel lost, because 4 yrs ago i had just started MK and had to stop because of depression. I live in Australia and i have no M knitters near me so if you could help to get me back on the road again .if you require payment for the patterns just let me know.
    I have been hand knitting blankets for Wraps of love charity ,My hubby said if i am not going to use the machines they have to go. i have a MK260, and 965i would love to be able to get going again. regards maggie


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