That Feminine Connection

That Feminine Connection


I know many of you have people in your life that you can depend on for a listening ear and sound advice. I want to tell you about one in particular in my life – even though I am blessed with several in my family. I have shared some of my journey with the cancer surgery, but alas it is not my only physical struggle in life right now. But as I work through it and have decisions to make, I get that listening ear and sound advice from my daughter, Suzanne. I have a daughter and a son – with families of their own, but I must admit there is nothing like a daughter to share your heart and soul with. No matter how busy she is with owning her own business and home schooling her children – family comes first. I don’t know about any of you, but sometimes in the midst of a trial it is hard to see all the angles. But I can count on her to know me well and she uses her spiritual gifts of encouragement and wisdom to help me – all covered over in love. She has 2 sons of her own and I always wished for a daughter for her so she could enjoy and benefit in the same way I do. Sons are great – I have a wonderful one – but there is something to be said for that feminine connection. I wrote this poem about her a few years back and I would like to share it with you.
The Bringing

She brings me a journal
Just because she thought of me.
She brings me flowers to add beauty
To a day filled with hardships.
She brings me magazines
She knows I’ll linger over.
She brings us leftovers
To savor the remains of her
Skilled labor of love.
She brings a bottle of champagne
To celebrate generations living together
Sharing the ups and downs of our lives.
She brings our grandsons
So we can lavish love on them and
Teach them bits of well-worn wisdom.
She brings these things…a sampling of
What can be held in our hands…
But they are a picture of what
She brings of herself…her heart.
The things that cannot be measured
Or held in ones’ hand.
She brings us cheerfulness and enthusiasm
To lift our day even when hers has been
Long and stressful and crazy busy.
She brings us sound advice
To help us sort the truth from fiction.
She brings us comfort and sympathy
When weary bodies hurt
And emotions wear thin.
She brings us laughter
Because life is funny even if it’s serious.
She brings a pep talk when
Single-mindedness wants to rule.
She brings a plan of action
When our ideas run dry.
She brings…
Friendship unwavering
Love unfailing
Care unselfish
Wisdom unparalleled
Joy unspeakable…
Our God-given gift
Borne of our love
Our daughter… Suzanne.


5 thoughts on “That Feminine Connection

  1. I am very humbled by your kind words. I am thankful we live close and can be a support to each other. I love you so much!! I pray my 2 sons will have great wives that can be “daughters” to me!

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  2. Now that I am a recent widow, I find my daughter such a joy to have, she has sent me flowers, cards and calls frequently. I know she is hurting as much as I am and maybe even more since there was such a strong relationship between she and her dad. She and I didn’t always see eye to eye, but as we have matured, that has changed and we can now speak freely without having any thoughts of reprisal. Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom.


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