Asymmetrical Wrap

Asymmetrical Wrap

One-Sleeved Wrap/Shawl

I ran across this pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn site.;ss=   It is written for an LK-150 mid-gauge machine and is very simple to knit – although I made some changes to where they connected the sleeve. It is an asymmetrical, one-sleeved wrap/shawl that is knit with a very open weave so the whole shawl is lightweight, but would feel warm since it is made with wool. The cone of wool has a tiny blue thread in the teal, but it does not show in the photo. I did not have yarn to match their stitch gauge, so I made it from my tension swatch according to their measurements. It is fun and different, but I missed my ribber for the 2 x 2 sleeve end. I am not a fan of hand-manipulating ribbing! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Wrap

  1. Oh, sigh! Another really nice example of your knitting. Another to add to my ever growing “to do knit list”. Thanks for the inspiration once again!


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