My Sis, Rosemary

We held a small, family gathering to honor and celebrate my sister, Rosemary’s, 80th birthday this week at her assisted living home. A milestone, for sure! Maybe more so for her as she has had more than her share of challenges in her life. Sometimes it is hard to not ask why she has had to endure so much. But, even with it all, she served 27 years as a nurse before the disabilities became too much in her life to continue working. As I age, I, too, am facing some milestones and have begun to notice my capabilities slipping away, causing me to contemplate what needs to be let go of. It can be a frustrating thing to have to adjust my life accordingly. But if there was anything our mother modeled for us, in her also difficult life, it is that you just make those adjustments and move on willingly and cheerfully with what you are capable of doing, being thankful for what is possible. None of us has or will become bitter over changes and spend an inordinate amount of time grieving what was. Instead, I want to seek out God’s plan for the rest of my life and serve in ways I am still able. He has gifted each of us in unique ways and usefulness looks different for everyone. May I have the wisdom to know when to let go of things in my life that are too challenging and yet be faithful to let God use me, as He has gifted me, for His purposes!


6 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. We can do this more easily when we are trusting in God’s plan and good for us as we journey toward our permanent home. Sometimes the ability to laugh at ourselves helps as well.


  2. Almost 80 now and with a number of physical degeneration changes I know that self-pity must not enter into my life. I thank God for the wonderful people in my life, including those who I can only know through the Internet. I love your words of wisdom Ann, thank you.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on coming to terms with the changes that we have to face up to as the years begin to take their toll.I read your post after spending time praying for the Lord’s help in facing up to change and how we can still serve him in our latter years.
    Having spent 30 + plus years in the nursing service and an equal number of years as a pastors wife, I was used to much activity and to find myself unable now to be so physically active I find somewhat daunting
    As yourself I, want to look to the Lord for his guidance for the future. You can see why your post was so timely and I thank God for it.
    I think my starting point for today comes in the words of a lovely hymn that we sang on our last Sunday at our last church and has always been a great help to me.
    How good is the God we adore
    Our faithful, unchangeable friend,
    I will praise Him for all that is past,
    And trust Him for all that’s to come.
    God bless you as you look to Him


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