Waffle Weave Preemie Blanket

Waffle Weave Preemie Blanket

I love this Diana Sullivan pattern and use it a lot for crib baby blankets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbwcvVg7xEs   Today, in our Colorado blizzard, I was itching to do some knitting while I wait on some ordered yarn for another project. I decided to make a couple preemie sized blankets for our Knit Club charity in the Waffle Weave pattern from DS. They are about 20 inches square. It is a great pattern and I appreciate her freely sharing it! I put my pattern notes for the preemie size in the patterns above the blog title. It knits up quickly and seems just the right size to wrap a preemie up in! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Waffle Weave Preemie Blanket

  1. Really lovely Ann. You are just getting on with everything in spite of the blizzards! I am still following everyone on the internet but, unfortunately, I have lost my knitting mojo!Am sure it will return pretty soon. We could do with some sunshine in northern Europe, that would help, but all we have right now is dreadfull winds. Kindest regards from the Black Forest! Yvonne


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