Great Gain

Great Gain


It’s easy to want “things”. There are endless things out there to buy – something bigger, better and more wonderful. I was reminded just recently that our computer habits can encourage that. Most of you are familiar with a web site that allows you to peruse millions of lovely things and pin them to your page – a fun pastime for many. But does it just encourage us to want more and better things? I am not sure we need help in that department. 🙂  I had a trusted old blender that had served me several years. It was starting to have some small issues so I decided I needed a new one. The new one is a fancy one with all the bells and whistles. I used it a couple times and was nothing but unhappy with its features. So I boxed it back up and it will go back to the store. I figured I was without a blender for a while, but my husband appeared with my old one – which I thought I had thrown away. That statement shows the difference between my sweetheart and me. I am ready to move on to something new when things are not just so and his middle name is “make do”! 🙂  Although his loves for me allowed me to purchase a new one I thought would be to my liking – I soon found out new is not always better and the old blender worked adequately this morning for my breakfast shake. I am reminded of a verse in the bible “Godliness with contentment is great gain”. Oh, that we would seek both godliness and contentment in our world of “bigger and better”. Who does not want great gain?


6 thoughts on “Great Gain

  1. Your thoughts are so true!! We also get caught up I think with what others have. We think because they have it, we need it too. Your blog is a great reminder to remember what’s important!!


  2. Well said! It is sad but true. We want everything we see, but elsewhere in the world and even in our own city we find people that need food and clothes. Instead of buying new things for ourselves we need to help others who don’t have even the basics.


  3. Thank you for your message this morning. I started reading the book, Almost Amish, this morning which I thought was going to be a novel. It is about our lives becoming simpler and down sizing our use of many things. I think I am getting a message today from the book and your column to simplify my life and get back to basics..


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