Img2track DBJ Scarf

Img2track DBJ Scarf


I was inspired by another knitter to try initials on my scarf. The camel and black colors are a classic color combination, although the inspiration piece was knit in charcoal and crème color – also lovely! The scarf is knit in Double Bed Jacquard using Img2track software for my electronic machine. I wanted the main part of the scarf to still be knit in DBJ, but solid black rather than the 2 row stripe behind the letters. So once the first letter was knit, I programmed in a 1 row by 1 stitch design in the electronic and used only black yarn for the DBJ body of the scarf. Then, when I was ready for the second letter, I loaded the second design from Img2track; making sure to push the upside key so the design was upside down, but the letter was right side up when I wore it. I used GIMP, a free photo and design editing program, to clean up the initials I liked and take out all the stitches of the camel color that would have made the design cluttered and messy. The scarf ended up 5’ 7 “  long and 14 “  wide and is light and airy. I like the 2 row stripe for that reason – even though Birdseye backing is nice, it seems much denser and heavier to me. If you own a Brother electronic knitting machine, I encourage you to try the Img2track software. There is a limited needle free version so you can try it without cost.   🙂


12 thoughts on “Img2track DBJ Scarf

  1. Really lovely. Looks fabulously classy.
    I was having problems with my electronic, even the technician couldn’t fix it. So I gave up on it and sold it. And now I am missing out on all of the fun!!


  2. this is EXACTLY THE REASON I got into flat bed machine knitting!!! and two years later, and several machines purchases (I now have 4-5 Brother 900 series machines) I still HAVE NOT yet gotten it to work. I have a dedicated MacBookPro, img2trak, and have purchased a cable from Daviworks. I admit I need to make more discretionary time available for learning this, and sometime soon I will reach out in earnest to the Ravelry group. It is most motivating and encouraging to see your project!!! Thanks for sharing . . .


  3. That scarf is amazing. I am afraid I have a long way to go I do not even know what img2track is. I have just knitted one of your ribbed baby hats. A new year I decided to start with using up some of the cones I have accumulated with the second hand machines I purchased. But I never cease to be amazed at your beautiful projects well done x


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