One Row Tuck

One Row Tuck


I knit 3 Christmas sweaters in One Row Tuck from the same hand knit pattern schematic. I just used different sizes given on the pattern for each individual sweater. One Row Tuck very closely resembles hand knitting seed stitch and if you do not own or want to use a garter carriage – you can do it easily on a knitting machine. It is a lovely stitch that is as effortless as stockinet once you get started, but has some advantages over stockinet. First, you get the great texture of a seed stitch rather than plain stockinet. Then, since it is a tuck stitch, you get much more width out of it than you would with stockinet. When I did stockinet in one of my yarns at tension 3, I got 9.25 stitches per inch and 13.25 rows per inch. But when I did the one row tuck I got 7.50 stitches per inch and 20 rows per inch. This is a great advantage for knitting wider projects, because what might not fit on the bed with stockinet might well fit using One Row Tuck. You can knit a tad looser tension since the tuck makes a tighter stitch overall and your yarn will go further. It is easy to increase and decrease in pattern. Make your tension swatch and knit a sweater! Can you tell I love One Row Tuck? πŸ™‚ For the instructions for either a punch card or programming into an electronic machine, check out the drop down menus above the blog title. Machine Knit Techniques; Stitch Techniques; One Row Tuck.


4 thoughts on “One Row Tuck

  1. Thanks Ann for the one row tuck stitch pattern. I do like the look & feel of seed stitch and am anxious to give it a try. You mentioned using a pattern. I’m not very good at making my own patterns for the knit leader, & would love to have some if you can share them? Thanks Deborah


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