Who are the People in the Stable?

Who are the People in the Stable?

nativity 3

As we did a little decorating at our house for Christmas, my grandson helped by setting up the Nativity Scene. As we have looked at it occasionally, it was a good time to talk about the fact we set up a Nativity to remind us that it is the real reason we are celebrating Christmas. In God’s perfect plan, Jesus was miraculously virgin born into this world as a baby so that He could die to pay for the sins of all mankind – which means we have a future in heaven with Him if we accept this payment on our behalf. His birth is a precious gift and to commemorate that, we give gifts to each other. It is easy to let the gift giving overshadow the real reason we are celebrating and that is why our family has had a tradition, since our own kids were little, of reading the stories surrounding Jesus’ birth, out of the bible, before we open gifts. It is interesting to see why each person in the Nativity Scene is represented there and why they were in Bethlehem at this time (a call by the governor to come to the home town of their family line for a census) and why they were having a baby in a barn or stable, with only a feeding trough or manger for a bed (there were so many people in town for the census that there were no rooms available – only the stable out back). Those present, besides Mary, Jesus’ mother, Joseph, her espoused husband and of course, the baby Jesus, the Shepherds were the first to come to Jesus at the stable, being told the good news by an angel of the Savior’s birth as they watched over their sheep that night in a near-by field. They immediately went to see for themselves the long-awaited gift of the Savior being born. My nativity Scene has an angel because they spoke to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds individually, giving instructions and comfort concerning this special time in history. The Wise Men or Kings of the East were not actually at the stable where Jesus was born, but were led by a star to where Jesus was at a later date. But they are such an integral part of the story, they are included in the set. The kings brought gifts to Jesus of Gold (which represents royalty – showing the still future kingship of Jesus), Frankincense (which is a perfumed gift representing Holiness – showing He was God) and Myrrh (a burial spice which showed He would die as the Savior of the world). As the Shepherds eagerly did, may we all see for ourselves the gift of the Savior this Christmas season and not miss the reason He came. 🙂


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