Christmas Waterfall

Christmas Waterfall


I am in the process of making several sweaters for Christmas gifts and this is my latest one for one of my granddaughters – a Waterfall Cardigan. It was knit on the bulky machine – even though I did have to knit the ribbing on the standard and then transfer it to the bulky to get a tight enough ribbing for this yarn. I used the schematics of a hand crochet pattern from Drops Patterns   After converting the numbers from centimeters to inches,  I did a tension swatch to figure the sizes needed to knit the individual pieces. I put a crochet edging on it to give the edge stability and an added touch of color. The yarn is thick and thin which made a nice fabric on the knitting machine, but it was impossible to crochet an edging with it so I found a matching color. On to the next one! I have another one with the pieces knit – I just need to get it together. I might just make it by Christmas with my goal of 6 sweaters! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Christmas Waterfall

  1. Ann, that is so beautiful. I’d be tempted to get a knitting machine seeing all your creations. But I don’t have the brainpower to figure how to adjust and work things up. You are definitely talented!!!
    How does one get on your Christmas list??? 😉


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