Showing Faith

Showing Faith


We are proud of all our grandchildren and feel like they are amazing people and accomplish amazing things. (And we are not prejudiced about it at all! πŸ™‚ ) But, I wanted to brag a bit on my 15 year old grandson, Zane. He already has his own welding business with a welder he bought on his own from working hard all summer. My husband has to maintain a water system for our country property that is below ground. It had barely adequate ladder steps that were installed when the water well initially was drilled. Our grandson saw my husband struggle a bit with the steps yesterday and immediately came with his welder and installed hand rails and slip resistant steps into the well. Wow – we were so blessed by his love and care for us! Now my husband can come and go safely to do his maintenance. What a great reminder for us to be available to others – to observe needs and unselfishly give of our time without being asked. God asks us to show our faith in Him by our deeds and Zane surely has shown His faith by his hard work for us! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Showing Faith

  1. Hello Ann

    How blessed you are to have such a kind and thoughtful grandson and he has been blessed with grandparents like you and also his talent for work and especially his talent for kindness.



  2. What a blessing your smart, talented grandson is! He’s so young in years but has a terrific work ethic and compassion for others that usually only comes with maturity (and in some folks NEVER does).


  3. That is my son and we are proud of him as well! He definitely learned this serving attitude from you and dad! Our family depends on each other and it take a village to raise a child and care for each other! We are so blessed to live so close that we learn and help each other daily! Love you mom!


  4. Hi Ann
    What a blessing to have such a young boy/man being so thoughtful and kind, a lot to do with his up bringing you all have a lot to be proud off.
    Love and God bless


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