Short Row Hat Top

Short Row Hat Top


I wanted a fitted top to my hat, so thought I’d experiment by dividing it into sections and short rowing them down to one needle instead of taking the work off on a garter bar and decreasing that way. I had 151 needles in work so I decreased down to 150 so I could divide it evenly into 6 sections of 25 stitches each. I then put all the needles into hold except the 25 I was working with and decreased every row, both sides for 12 rows, which left me with one stitch that I bound off. Then I brought the next 25 into work. After stitching it together, it made a nice looking top that would fit a human, adult head nicely. My model head is rather small so it does not fill out the top. But after it was all said and done, I think the garter bar method might be less fiddly. I ran across another method for short rowing a hat I think I will try next. I love trying new (to me) techniques! 🙂





2 thoughts on “Short Row Hat Top

  1. Ann, I love your short rowed top on your hat. I’ve made a couple similar using the garter bar, lots of work! Love your new technique. Would be much easier, not to mention faster to complete. I love trying new things too. Rhonda


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