The Leaving

The Leaving


The Leaving

Parting company,

The leaving…


Days of

Sweet anticipation and

Precious fellowship.

The sharp pain

Pierces our

Soul and heart

With tears.

Our time together

A priceless window

Laying bare

Our lives

To each other…

Getting our

Sister fix.

Renewed, refreshed

In spirit

We go back.

The routine

Of daily life


Our mind.


My house feels so empty this morning. Those of you that have had a much anticipated visit of a loved one know of my experience. My sister and I are very close and she has been here to see me over the last few days. But, there is always a time to leave and go back to the routine of our lives. I am so thankful for our time together and will hold our laughter, words and tears close to my heart. I love you, Sis. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Leaving

      1. I was very moved by your last two posts, but as an only child, It must be nice to have a sister to be with if only occasionally! Thank you for sharing 😀

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  1. So thankful for my sister twice and the chance to share those things that are close to our hearts! Thankful also for email, although it cannot compare to face to face time. God is good!

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