Lace on the Bulky Machine

Lace on the Bulky Machine


It is not a new technique at all to use a standard gauge lace punch card on the bulky punch card knitting machine, but I had never tried it. So I found a punch card from a Brother standard gauge that only had 2 rows of transfers between the 2 rows of knitting. It is card #20J. 20S is the same card and probably other Brother sets have the same card. I decided to make a lace pillow top to experiment with the hand transferred technique, using a 4 ply yarn on tension 9. If you want the directions on how to do it, look at the drop down menu above the blog title. Machine Knit Techniques; Stitch Techniques; Making Lace on a Bulky. I made a lace front, a stockinette back and sewed them together on the sewing machine before inserting the dark pillow to show off the lace work. It was a relatively quick project considering it is hand work and I was pleased with the results. πŸ™‚


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