Thread Lace Scarf

Thread Lace Scarf



I wanted to make a quick gift this afternoon, so settled on a thread lace scarf on my Brother 894 standard gauge, punch card knitting machine. I unfortunately did not get the punch cards when I bought this machine, but borrowed a thread lace card from my bulky 260 machine. I did 80 stitches wide and 700 rows on tension 8 with double length on the punch card. The main yarn is 2/24 and the second yarn is barely heavier than sewing thread. It ended up 90 inches long and weighs just over 3 ounces – it feels light as air.  I pressed it with lots of steam and it made a soft, drapey, lacy looking scarf that can be doubled and worn a variety of ways. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Thread Lace Scarf

      1. Hazel, I actually press scarves with lots of steam. It “kills” the yarn as they say, making it lay down without any curl. It was one long curl right off the machine – not a nice scarf. Do not stay in one spot long with the iron, just keep the iron moving. But it is the only way to do scarves to make them soft and drapey 🙂 Ann


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