DBJ Img2track Throw

DBJ Img2track Throw


This is my latest DBJ Img2track throw, knitted for my granddaughter’s birthday coming up. It is the logo of the university she will be attending in the fall.

I have never knitted an Img2track double bed jacquard throw with 3 colors where the background color is color number 2. It has always been #1 – and that makes it easy. You know…begin the ribbing and the design with the background color and move on with the rest of it. But, in case anyone else has run across this, I am going to write up a little tutorial on what I did to make it all come out. When I was doing trial runs to try a new backing, the wrong color was showing up on the face of the throw as the background color. Not working. 🙂 So this is what I did.

With background/ribbing color (1 strand of 2/24):

  • Tension 0/0; zig-zag row right to left; hang comb and weights
  • 2 circular rows ending on left; remove settings
  • Knit 1 row to right for 1 row of ribbing
  • Tension 2/2; go past right turn mark; set carriage to KCII
  • Knit 1 row to left to select needles
  • Set both part buttons on main carriage and set ribber for Half Milano or Birdseye backing
  • Color choice light stills says #1
  • Do 2 rows (left to right and back) with color #2 (background color)
  • Now the color choice number says #2
  • Do 2 more rows with color #2 (background color)
  • Now it says color #3
  • Change yarn in color changer to #3 and continue on with project

The new backing I was trying out is Half Milano and it is my new, favorite way to do backing for more than 2 colors. I much prefer the 2 row stripe because I love the feel of it so much better than Birdseye backing in a throw, but if you have ever tried to do 2 row stripe with 3 or more colors, you know it starts bunching up because so many rows of backing have to knit for the 1 row of front. So I reserve 2 row stripe backing for 2 color DBJ.  The Half Milano instructions I followed were in Helen Griffiths “The Double Bed Book”. It seems to be different than the instructions for Half Milano in “A Machine Knitter’s Guide to Creating Fabric” by Lewis and Weissman. Theirs looked like it needed constant carriage settings changed and Helen’s is simple and produces a lovely weight throw that does not bunch up like 2 row stripe. I highly recommend her book which can be ordered at http://helengs.blogspot.com/


6 thoughts on “DBJ Img2track Throw

  1. Your are amazing. The throw is something that I am sure she will treasure for years to come. Love your work and courage!


  2. Really lovely piece of work,you are very talented.
    Sure grand daughter will cherish especially when it is made by grandma.


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