My Newest Lesson

My Newest Lesson

Henny Penny

We received an addition to our farmyard in a rather unusual way. A friend called, saying someone in their family had found a chicken on the streets and could we take it in with our flock. So we thought that would work out ok. We have a very small flock of 5 girls and the master over them, Mr. B – the bossy ‘roo. So we named our new, red hen Henny Penny and introduced her, but all was not peaceful as we had hoped. She was the newbie and they were all out to get her. Penny is so sweet tempered and no threat to them, but the pecking order must be established – and, alas, she is at the bottom. Things were not good for her – not only is she suddenly in a new home – it is not a friendly one and she was not faring very well! I know many of you would say to just let them fight it out and it will all come out in the end, but I am so worried about any animal suffering. So, in order to protect her, we had her in a little pen with our baby chickens that we hope to introduce to the flock in a month or so. We close their little entrance doors to the big and little chicken houses each night so no wild critter can eat anyone for supper – which we did last night. We went to bed praying and asking God for a good solution to integrating her into the flock and the “big house”. But, I must admit I spent a good while worrying about her. When my husband went to release them from the hen houses this morning, the first one out of the big house…Penny! We were so shocked. She had flown out of the pen with the babies and joined the flock after dark, before the doors were shut. It is not all peaceful today by far, but it is getting better all the time. I have spent some time today defending her, showing her where the food and water is, where to lay her eggs (she laid us a nice, brown one) and where to go for some shade and privacy. She is grateful and chats a lot when we go check on her, and undoubtedly has some rough days ahead – but I am hopeful she will fit in soon. I know…many of you would say “too much for a chicken”…but I am a softy for a creature. 🙂 But the lesson for me is to remember that God, in His great mercy and love for us, answered our prayers in a most creative way even before we asked and it was just wrong of me to be worrying when we had asked Him for a solution. He cares deeply about the things that concern us and He loves the little creatures, too. So in a chat with the Lord, I confessed my lack of faith in His care and thanked Him for the solution. May I just remember that lesson the next time something is bothering me! 🙂


11 thoughts on “My Newest Lesson

  1. We often forget that God has the answer even before we ask. It is very had to be patient and wait on Him for his deliverance in all the situations we face. Penny is lucky to have you as her new mommy. She must be happy or she wouldn’t be laying eggs?


  2. God is so good ! I love hearing your little stories
    and to hear how God is working in your life.
    He is the same to all of us no matter what part of the world we belong
    What a Saviour we have .


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