Innovative Use of KM Tool

Innovative Use of KM Tool

Ribber combRibber Comb 2

I have known about the use of the ribber comb as a weight for fine or lace knitting, but I have never utilized it in this way before. I am sure many of you have used it that way – it was just a first for me. I ran the scarf through the bar and then hung the weights on the comb. As you can see in the photos the scarf is a very open weave and I did not want to hang regular weights on it, fearing I would damage it. I started it with waste yarn to hang the weights on, but when it reached the floor I needed something else. So I dug out my ribber comb  – the short one with the extra bar that moves – and hung it on the knitting. It was so easy to use and move up as needed. And no damage. 🙂 My ribber manual gave instructions on how to use it this way. You can see in the second set of photos how the knitting lays in the comb and the edge of the teeth gently grab it and hold the comb in place.

Tuck scarf 1 Tuck Scarf 2

I was making a tuck scarf  with a very thin, 1 ply yarn (1/15) using Eileen Montgomery’s pattern.

It is an 18″ wide scarf, but works because it is so fine in the 1 ply – it was almost like knitting with thread. This will serve as a lightweight wrap or a scarf tied in a variety of ways. I hope my friend likes it. 🙂


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