I am Chosen

I am Chosen

I am Chosen


The struggle,

The insecurity

Of childhood love


Doubt… affecting

Life’s choices.

In my fifty eighth


Mom’s recalled

Story brings me


Daddy wanted

Another baby.

It was me.

I am chosen.

girl 3

If you happen to be like me, you might have sensed something missing in your childhood. I was well cared for in mine, but there were never affirming words of love spoken. Some would say being well cared for is enough and I will always be grateful for that. I know many did not even have that. But, when I wrote this poem a few years back I could look back on my life and see choices I had made because I had never heard the words “I love you” from my parents. But to hear I was chosen had a profound effect on me and I could feel the love spoken in those words. I also have another Father who has chosen me – my Heavenly Father. He has chosen all of us. But we have to choose Him and He does give us a choice in that matter. But God is holy and we cannot come to Him on our own merit – we need to be declared guiltless to be with Him and we cannot do enough good things to earn that status. But in His mercy, He sent Jesus Christ to die for us in our place and as we place our trust in that work on our behalf, we are accepted by the Father and we can live with Him forever.  We are given one life time to make that choice. Will you join me in choosing Him today?



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