Creating Your Own Knit Designs

Creating Your Own Knit Designs

pin cush

I love to use the knit leader for my Brother knitting machine! It gives me the freedom to knit whatever I want with whatever yarn I happen to have.  I can use purchased garment patterns and draw around them or I can just copy a favorite garment I already own and make another one with different yarn and a different color. I can make any changes I would like – such as size, sleeve length or stitch design. So much design freedom! I can knock off a great design or create my own. Oh…the possibilities! In the Machine Knit Techniques section above I have a tutorial on how to make your own pattern from a garment you already own and like the fit. After you have your pattern pieces made, you can also view the tutorial on making your own tension swatch, if you need a refresher course, so you can make your garment in your yarn at your chosen tension. Then, there is also a tutorial on how to use the knit leader, if you need that. Stay tuned to see the cardigan I am going to knit by copying the red cardigan in the tutorial.  I encourage you to use your knit leader (or Studio equivalent) to create something great for yourself or someone you love! 🙂


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