Change of Heart

Change of Heart

change of heart 2

Have you ever become fixated on one person, letting them steal the joy that countless others give you? It can be an easy thing to fall into and the worst part of it is we can become consumed with thoughts of them – not even realizing we want something from them we will never get. We might actually want their approval or maybe positive attention without knowing that is the real issue. It can become a stronghold in our life where thoughts of them take up unhealthy amounts of time. If we nurse a grudge against someone it actually holds us to them and we have to let it go. I just had this happen to me these last few days. Instead of focusing on all the positives I was receiving from lots of other people in my life, I let one person’s comments irritate me in an unhealthy way. It made me forget the incredible people in my life that bless and encourage me. I had to make a decision to not let one person negatively control me emotionally and that meant taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10: 4 & 5) Jesus Christ is in the business of demolishing strongholds with divine power, freeing us to focus on the positive, and this is one girl that is taking Him up on that promise!



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