Child’s Knitted Bracelet

Child’s Knitted Bracelet



Do your children or grandchildren ask to knit on your knitting machine? This is the perfect project for them to knit themselves and their friends a bracelet!  It is a very simple project that is completed in just a few minutes – a plus especially for a younger child. I used the bulky machine and a heavy 4 ply yarn like Red Heart. You can even cut ¼ inch wide strips of cotton fabric and sew them end to end. I did not run the cotton fabric through the tension mast, but held it to hand feed through the carriage – so that might be better for an older child. The mint green one in the photo is cotton strips, and the cotton frays, but an older child might like that look. It can be done in darker colors for a boy – and maybe sew in the ends so there are no tails. So the next time they say they are bored, give them a fun project – one bracelet will not be enough! 🙂 Pattern notes are above in Knit Machine Patterns drop down menu.


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