Cables and Lace

Cables and Lace



I have mentioned the workshop I attended by Eileen Montgomery before, and this is another technique I learned from her. Knitting machine workshops are wonderful to attend – a whole day with like-minded folk and to come away with so much new info! Fun! šŸ™‚

I have done some cabling before in my machine knitting ā€“ including magic cables. But I really love this cable technique. Usually the hardest thing is getting the cable stretched to reach the proper needles unless you let a stitch run on each side to re-latch, which I have done. But Cables and Lace leaves a needle empty on each side of the crossover and so the crossing is so easy ā€“ not tight at all! And it creates lace beside the cable. It was quick, fun and I loved the results in this hat! I left 10 stitches between the 3 x 3 cables. I put a dark cloth under it to photograph it. My notes are above in the drop down menu of Machine Knit Techniques. I can see a sweater in this technique! šŸ™‚


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