Walking in Freedom

Walking in Freedom


Fear seems to be an all too common emotion we deal with in our lives.  Fear can grip us and not allow us to really live fully. This week, as I took my sister back to her assisted-living home from the hospital, after a fall, she expressed her fear of not being able to continue to live there if she had another fall. Things do change in our lives and accepting that is part of healthy living. But many of us live with inordinate fear…perhaps of death or losing some thing or someone in our lives we love so much we wonder if we could even go on. Fear can take on many outlets, even as grief. I have had many emotions continue to arise over losing my mom – blaming myself for things beyond my control. But the Lord graciously reminded me that He is sovereign…as His child, nothing happens to me outside of His will for me. I was having a “disconnect” with my believing that God is sovereign and then really living that truth in my life, so that I could heal from the memories and move on with healthy living. When I accepted the facts surrounding this event as God’s will for my life, then I could heal. Beth Moore is an incredibly talented Bible teacher and she taught me this truth by asking me to fill in the blank.  If_____ (you fill in this blank) _______ then … God.  Everyone can fill in that blank with their own fear, pain or grief. But the answer is God.  Jesus is The Faithful and True God and He is sovereign. I choose to walk in that freedom that only He can give and live as proof of the power of Jesus to change my life.


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