A Gramma’s Call

A Gramma’s Call

I want to wish all mothers and grandmothers a very Happy Mother’s Day! I still enjoy being Mom to my grown children, but I have wonderful grandchildren now and I wrote this poem with them in mind. I love being a “Gramma” and consider it a great privilege to be involved in their lives!


A Gramma’s Call

My heart divulged

Fierce passion in my youth

My call to birth a child,

To mother those

God gave to me.

Now my gray hairs many

Tell of years already lived,

My usefulness unfading

Life’s duty still unfinished.

My child’s child is born

Draws passion back to life,

Years patience, wisdom gained

My offering unique.

Like honey spread on bread

I fill in vacant nooks

With sweetness, nourishment,

With joy, sustaining love.

My call renewed gives

Purposed definition

The last half of my years

Rewards unwrapped

For you and me

Like cherished gifts to savor.

Ann Huppert


2 thoughts on “A Gramma’s Call

  1. Beautiful! I especially loved the filling in vacant nooks like honey on bread. Grandparents are that! They have time to help enrich little lives.


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