I am learning all about the amazing story of Esther in the Bible. There are few books in the Bible named after a woman and this one has drama unfolding that makes for an exciting page-turner of a read! In her story, Esther has been asked to do something as queen, but she can quickly name a few obstacles to this request. I feel a little bit like Esther, as I was recently presented with an opportunity for something in the future that has great interest to me. Now, I must admit, it is not a life changing decision like Esther’s, but nevertheless I could think of all the reasons I could not move forward with this.  The idea brings mixed emotions because of certain things that are true about me in this stage of my life and for some things I have been through in the past, which might hinder my ability to serve well and to enjoy this opportunity. But, we cannot separate our past or our present situation from our destiny. Esther’s past and her present position played into her destiny to save her people from annihilation. We may want to resist moving forward with something, because some of us have things in our past that are so painful and heart-wrenching, that we want to forget them. But like it or not, they shape who we are and what our destiny is in this life and uniquely gifts us to carry out God’s purpose for our life. As I ponder and pray about this opportunity and it brings out the inner conflict in my heart, making me think of all the “what ifs” of my present and past, I have to remember it is a matter of trust. If God calls us to something, then we are enabled. God would have had His good purpose fulfilled whether it was through Esther or not, but she was called “for such a time as this”. And someone will fulfill what I have been asked to do, whether I do it or not, but how wonderful, like Esther, to fulfill my God given destiny by being willing to serve Him and others as I am called.


3 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. That sounds exciting but I totally understand the hesitation. This is true of me right now. The Lord will accomplish His purpose for us by His grace. Wrestling too! Loved your encouraging words! Thank you.


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