Felted Slippers

Felted Slippers

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA I wanted to knit some felted slippers on the bulky machine. I love the softness and warmth on my cold floors as well as the slip-in clog style. On the blue and white pair I decided to add some fair isle to the top, but it was not a great idea at all. It wanted to felt up a little tighter than the rest of the slipper. It is fine for a rather skinny foot, but generally it would be better to not do that patterning for this slipper pattern. The blue also must not have been color fast, as it faded onto the lighter color. That is fine for me – but for a gift I would have preferred it had not done that. The purple ones I had knit earlier with this pattern and they have a sparkly thread throughout that did not interfere with the felting at all. It is a super quick knit and then into the washing machine to felt. The pattern is in the Machine Knit Pattern section above.


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