Closet Cleaning

Closet Cleaning

closet Spring is here and I am thinking I should do some spring cleaning. Or, I should say closet cleaning. Hmmm…probably my least favorite task. I must admit it is easier to just shove another thing in and close the door. I mean the door does close, right? 🙂 I have a lot of closets and a sister that loves to clean closets. Maybe she will come help me? Well, maybe not…since she lives about a 1000 miles away. (Hi, Sis 🙂 ) But, I am thinking cleaning closets extends to more than spaces in my home that need examined and items, that are no longer useful, disposed of. What is lurking in my spiritual closet that needs examined and thrown out? Have I gotten a little judgmental? Ok… maybe a lot? What about that guilt over things I cannot change – now that time has passed? I could name a few more, but that gets me to thinking…and praying. Cleaning my spiritual closet frequently is a much more vital task than the closets in my home, but I plan to make headway in both, very soon!  When we clean the closets in our home, it frees up space and makes it so much more usable. Not to mention what joy it brings us to have the job completed. Examining our spiritual closets, bringing it all to the Lord for cleansing and forgiveness, makes us more usable for Him and brings us abundant joy. What about you…care to join me?


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