Old King Cole

Old King Cole


Our young grandson, Cole, was appropriately cast as Old King Cole in his elementary school Spring play. As we, his grandparents, watched with pride it was not only for the great performance and perfectly executed lines, but the fact he was up front participating at all. The last play he was scheduled to have a part in, we met him coming out of the last minute practice in tears and there was no getting him to go on and participate. For various reasons, in a difficult situation, he was unable to push through to finish. It made me think about the times I, as a follower of Christ, have hit sticky, uncomfortable situations. I don’t want to lack maturity in the Lord, failing to put my faith to work – to put my whole dependence on Him and finish well. But it has happened to me, too. How do we feel when something seems too hard and we refuse to follow through with a commitment or challenge? We might temporarily feel relief for not having to do something, but in the end we feel defeated and guilty. But, the Lord wants us to walk in faith in Him, putting our trust in Him, admitting our total dependence on Him and then putting one foot in front of the other, completing what He has asked us to do. As we exercise our faith and dependence on the Lord, we “grow up” in maturity in the Lord. Just as this sweet success for Cole gave him practice in following through with commitments, so our leaning on and maturing in the Lord will give us sweet success. Maybe today is the day for you to take that next step?


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