Today is Good Friday and Easter is coming in a couple of days and I want to write a bit about what that day means to me. Easter is the day we celebrate, as Christians, the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead. Historically, no one can deny that Jesus actually lived on this earth and was put to death on a cross.  But many do not believe he rose from the dead after 3 days in the grave. The bible clearly tells the whole story, but even if one chooses to not believe what is in the bible, consider a specific aspect of the logistics of that event. When Jesus was buried, a guard of 16 Roman soldiers was put at the grave so no one could steal the body and claim that Jesus arose. Four of the soldiers were awake and on duty at a time as they rotated duty. When Jesus arose, the heavy stone covering the grave – that took several men to roll into place, was moved to a place away from the tomb – which would have taken an army of men and some equipment. Doubtful that could have taken place with 16 men, with weapons, on guard duty. When they went to report the body was missing, the authorities paid the guards to lie about what happened. But those 16 guards were the first to know that no one came to steal the body. It was just gone. Jesus had risen from the dead.

Good Friday is the day we observe as the day Jesus was crucified.  Since Adam and Eve’s first sin in the Garden of Eden, we are all born with a sin nature. Even if we try, we can never do enough good things in our life to pay for our sins and be good enough to enter heaven at our death. The Bible clearly states that someone has to pay for our sins with shed blood. It was on that day that the payment was given as Jesus shed his blood, died and took all of the world’s sins onto himself. He willingly allowed himself to suffer and be crucified as he took the punishment of all our sins on His body on that day. Good Friday is actually very good news for all mankind – if He had not done that, we would be hopeless creatures for sure. But the story does not end there. We serve a living Savior because on the first day of the week, he arose out of that grave proving He was God, the second member of the Trinity.  He alone is worthy of our trust and worship as the way to Heaven.

The Bible says we must admit we have committed sins, believe that Jesus died to pay for them in our place and call on His name to accept that free gift for ourselves. When we do that, we are assured of a place in Heaven. It sounds simple and it is, but it cost Jesus everything.

I, for one, am so grateful that Jesus came to earth, born of a virgin because He had no earthly father, and died in my place. I live today, filled with anticipation of a future with the risen Lord, because I have put my trust in His work for me on that cross over two thousand years ago. I invite you to join me in making that decision for your future, and celebrate this Easter filled with hope and joy!

For a more thorough discussion on this subject, please read https://bible.org/article/gods-plan-salvation


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